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Screen and Qualify your patient leads in a few minutes

Elevate your dental practice with Toothlens! Effortlessly share your Toothlens app through QR codes or download links, allowing anyone with a mobile device to access it. Let the technology evaluate your patient leads, freeing you to focus on dental care.

A patient can get in touch with your practice in just three easy steps

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What the Toothlens app helps identify

AI Risk Assessment Report



Enamel Loss

Gingival Recession

Gingival Swelling

Chipped/Fractured Teeth

Missing Teeth

Tooth Color

Gaps in Teeth

AI Risk Assessment Report

Visual Assessment Based on Photos

Easily monitor your patients remotely with minimal effort

Prioritize Treating Patients With Genuine Dental Needs

Prioritize treating patients with genuine dental needs

Invisible Aligners And Orthodontic Monitoring

Invisible aligners and Orthodontic Monitoring

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Pedodontic Monitoring

Bill For Teledentistry 1

Bill for teledentistry

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