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Enhance Engagement & Preventive Care :
30% Member Satisfaction,
20% Dental Issues

Dental AI Software for Supercharging Dental and Health Plans

Mobile AI Dental Scans
Preventive Care
Increased Member Engagement

What is SmartCheck®?

SmartCheck is ToothLens®’s AI tech that helps users spot dental issues early. It cuts healthcare costs and boosts overall health by promoting proactive dental care. 

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How it works

ToothLens was created to make dental care more accessible. Inspired by the AI and computer vision used in cutting-edge self-driving cars, we decided to see how the same tech could work for dentistry. 

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Key Benefits

AI-Enhanced Member Engagement

ToothLens takes member engagement to the next level with a super easy-to-use app powered by cutting-edge AI for proactive dental checks. Members can effortlessly access the app, improving their dental care experience and getting the most out of our innovative tech. 


Instant Reporting

ToothLens instant reporting acts as a proactive tool, helping members tackle dental issues right away. For insurance companies, this quick insight allows timely actions, boosting transparency and improving the customer experience. 

Significant Cost Savings

ToothLens uses AI to catch dental issues early, creating dynamic risk profiles and strategic plans. It sorts people by their oral health, directing them to preventive care and the right providers. This cuts down on unnecessary dental plan use, optimizes resources, and saves money for both payers and members. 

Significant Cost Savings
24x7 Access to Care

24x7 Access to Care

Combining AI and video consultations can have a great muliplier effect. Teledentistry programs powered by AI are not only for emergency care but also for preventive care, allowing for early detection and intervention. Members benefit from 24×7 access to dental professionals, receiving timely advice and care from the comfort of their homes, improving health outcomes and reducing costs.

13.5% Reduction in payout due to early detection

4X increase of utilization in comparison to traditional video Teledentistry

Increase In customer retention due to better ROI from early detection


Increase in periodic dental check-ups

Trusted by enterprises worldwide



ToothLens can benefit Dental Insurance by offering a proactive approach to oral health. Through early detection and preventive care, ToothLens reduces the likelihood of expensive dental procedures, minimizing claim costs. Additionally, it enhances member engagement, leading to healthier outcomes and improved customer satisfaction.

No, ToothLens operates independently and does not interfere with standard claims processing. It enhances preventive care without impacting traditional insurance processes.

Discounted Dental Plans

ToothLens provides an innovative approach to oral health management, allowing Discount Dental Plans to offer proactive preventive care to their members. This not only enhances the value proposition of the plans but also contributes to overall member satisfaction.

Yes, ToothLens can contribute to selling more dental plans by enhancing the value proposition for potential members. The inclusion of Toothlens as a preventive and proactive oral
health solution can make the dental plan more attractive, showcasing a commitment to member well-being. The innovative use of technology and the focus on early detection and prevention align with the goals of discount dental plans, making them more appealing to a broader audience and potentially driving higher plan enrollments.

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