Enhancing Member Experience

Enhancing Member Experience, Engagement, and Provider Network Discovery

AI-Enabled Mobile Dental Self-Check for Early Detection, Preventive Care, and Cost Containment

Improved Oral Health

By performing regular self-checks at home, members can detect and address oral health issues early on, leading to better oral hygiene and reduced risk of more serious dental problems
Improve Oral Health
Convenience And Cost Savings

Convenience and cost savings

Self-checks can be performed at a convenient time and place, avoiding the need for time-consuming and costly dental appointments. This allows members to take control of their oral health and save money on dental treatments

Utilizing preventive dental health information in the underwriting process

Incorporating dental information into the underwriting process enables better risk management and more precise, equitable insurance coverage options for policyholders
Utilizing Preventive Dental Health
Boosting Referrals To In Network Healthcare Providers Copy 4

Boosting Referrals to In-Network Healthcare Providers

Encouraging patients to use healthcare providers within their insurance network for cost savings and to maintain better continuity of care.

We integrate with your existing software ,mobile application and provider portals