ToothLens can benefit Dental Insurance by offering a proactive approach to oral health. Through early detection and preventive care, ToothLens reduces the likelihood of expensive dental procedures, minimizing claim costs. Additionally, it enhances member engagement, leading to healthier outcomes and improved customer satisfaction.

No, ToothLens operates independently and does not interfere with standard claims processing. It enhances preventive care without impacting traditional insurance processes.

Absolutely, ToothLens encourages preventive actions, and dental insurance providers can design incentive programs to promote its usage among policyholders.

ToothLens includes educational features, empowering policyholders with insights
into their oral health and promoting proactive care.

Yes, ToothLens is designed to work seamlessly with existing dental care networks, ensuring a smooth experience for both providers and policyholders.

ToothLens is enabling patients to enhance their oral health conveniently from home using smartphone images. Unlike traditional TeleDentistry, ToothLens integrates advanced AI technology into self-checkups, streamlining the process for dentists prior to any oral treatment, without the need for constant assistance. While TeleDentistry primarily focuses on emergency dental care and routine checkups via telecommunications and needs the involvement of dental experts, ToothLens extends its functionality, providing comprehensive image-based oral hygiene assessments through self-checkups. Thus, ToothLens complements TeleDentistry by offering a proactive, AI-driven solution for dental care beyond even in emergency cases.

If your dental plan already includes Teledentistry (TD) consults, integrating ToothLens can enhance your program by incorporating advanced oral screening capabilities. Here's how you can seamlessly add ToothLens to your existing dental plan:


Augment TD with ToothLens Self-Checkup Functionality: ToothLens offers a unique approach to oral hygiene with its self-checkup app. Instead of relying solely on direct dentist consults, ToothLens can be integrated into TD programs to empower patients with self-screening capabilities. This integration enhances TD's video call communication by providing patients with a comprehensive self-checkup tool through the ToothLens app.

Unlimited Patient Checkups with ToothLens: TD can leverage ToothLens to facilitate unlimited patient checkups. By encouraging patients to use the ToothLens smartphone app for regular self-checkups, TD programs can extend their reach and provide ongoing support for oral health maintenance.

Utilize ToothLens Oral Hygiene Reports: The oral hygiene reports generated by ToothLens offer valuable insights into patients' oral health status. These reports can serve as triggers for video calls with dentists within the TD program. By analyzing the ToothLens reports, dentists can offer targeted advice and interventions, adding significant value to TD programs and promoting proactive dental care.

By integrating ToothLens into your dental plan alongside TD consults, you can create a comprehensive approach to oral health that combines the convenience of telecommunication with the proactive benefits of AI-powered self-checkups.

Grin and Dental Monitoring offer remote monitoring solutions for dental professionals, using external attachments to be used with smartphone to capture the images and analyse through AI-powered technology. ToothLens is an AI-powered dental hygiene self-check app that scans teeth photos using smartphone to help patients improve their dental hygiene from home. ToothLens app does not need any external attachments to capture the images and only the smartphone camera does the job. Therefore, ToothLens is the only entity which provides cost-effective and easy to use for AI-based remote oral screening and generates oral health evaluation reports for patients.

ToothLens is an AI-powered dental hygiene self-check app that scans teeth photos using smartphone to help patients improve their dental hygiene from home. It identifies possible occlusal and tartar buildup, gum diseases, cavities and gaps in teeth encouraging patients to improve their home care and maintain regular dental visits. ToothLens is designed for patients and dental offices and focuses on improving dental hygiene, early detection of dental issues, and remote monitoring.


Overjet evaluates clinical performance by combining clinical AI findings in radiographs with patient and treatment data from the practice management system. These findings are then used by clinical staff to improve clinical precision, efficiency, training, and communication, allowing practices to achieve consistent and better patient outcomes, aiming to improve their services by providing advanced AI-powered dental imaging analysis.


Pearl is another AI-powered dental technology company that focuses on automating dental claims processing, improving the efficiency and accuracy of dental claims.


For insurance companies, ToothLens offers benefits like early detection of dental problems, seamless integration into existing systems, and the ability to track dental habits of customers, which can help in acquisition and retention strategies. ToothLens' instant reporting of identification serves as a proactive tool for members to address potential dental issues promptly, enabling timely interventions and enhancing customer experience.

While ToothLens promotes preventive care, it is not directly linked to premium adjustments. However, insurers can explore incentive structures based on usage.

ToothLens prioritizes data security, implementing robust measures to comply with industry regulations and protect sensitive information. ToothLens is also HIPPA and SOC2 compliant.

ToothLens adheres to all relevant regulations, and our team ensures ongoing compliance with evolving dental insurance standards.

Patient data sharing follows strict protocols with explicit patient consent, maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

Patient data sharing follows strict protocols with explicit patient consent, maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

ToothLens offers comprehensive training sessions and onboarding support to ensure a smooth integration process for insurance professionals and dental practitioners.

ToothLens acts as a proactive tool for risk management, detecting early signs of dental issues and minimizing the impact on insurance claims.

Metrics such as increased preventive care utilization, reduced emergency claims, and improved member engagement can be valuable indicators of ROI.

Yes, ToothLens enhances patient engagement through features like regular check-ins, educational content, and personalized insights.

ToothLens is designed for scalability, and our technology infrastructure ensures optimal performance even with an expanding user base.

ToothLens is designed for easy integration, and our technical team can work closely with yours to ensure a smooth and efficient integration process.

ToothLens prioritizes data security, employing robust encryption, access controls, and strict adherence to HIPAA regulations.

ToothLens is designed with user-friendly interfaces tailored for different user groups, and our team provides comprehensive training for all users.

ToothLens values feedback and encourages an open line of communication for continuous improvement and customization based on user needs.

Yes, ToothLens is adaptable to integrate with telehealth services, providing a cohesive experience for members seeking virtual dental care.

Dental insurance providers retain ownership of patient data, and ToothLens ensures transparency in data control and usage.

ToothLens can be tailored for international expansion, and our team can collaborate to meet specific regulatory and operational requirements.

ToothLens follows industry trends and is designed for flexibility, allowing seamless integration with emerging technologies for continuous innovation.

ToothLens can be integrated into any existing app or web-portal. We provide
comprehensive integration support, offering APIs and documentation to facilitate a smooth integration process. Our technical team is available for assistance throughout.

While preventive checks are encouraged, ToothLens is designed to identify issues
at an early stage, potentially reducing the severity of cases and overall claims.

While preventive checks are encouraged, ToothLens is designed to identify issues
at an early stage, potentially reducing the severity of cases and overall claims.

ToothLens utilizes AI and computer vision to analyze dental images, focusing on hygiene, early issue detection, and preventive care.

ToothLens prides itself on high accuracy, continually refining its algorithms to enhance diagnostic precision.

ToothLens is not a diagnostic tool but more kind of like a wellness tool that
emphasizes proactive and preventive oral care.

ToothLens incorporates built-in filters and guidance to ensure users capture
high-quality images, reducing the risk of inaccuracies.

ToothLens aims for efficiency, typically generating reports promptly after image
submission, providing timely insights.

As part of our efficient workflow, ToothLens reports are instantly generated by our advanced AI algorithms. However, to ensure the highest standards of accuracy and quality, we incorporate a robust Quality Assurance (QA) process. This process includes random reviews by
dental professionals who validate the findings, providing an extra layer of assurance and reliability in our reports.

Yes, ToothLens offers the option to securely share reports with the patient's
designated dentist for collaborative care.

Users start by capturing dental images, and the app guides them through the process, leading to the generation of personalized oral health insights.
Users start by capturing dental images, and the app guides them through the process, leading to the generation of personalized oral health insights.

ToothLens aids in early issue detection and preventive care, potentially reducing
the severity of cases and associated payouts.

Yes, ToothLens can contribute to reducing out-of-pocket expenses for members. By focusing on preventive care and early detection, ToothLens helps members address potential
oral health issues before they escalate, avoiding costly treatments. This aligns with the goal of minimizing member expenses and promoting a more cost-effective and patient-centric approach to dental care.

ToothLens seamlessly integrates into dental insurance offerings, providing an
additional layer of preventive care and early issue detection for policyholders.

ToothLens, with its virtual dental check-ups and early detection of dental issues, could potentially align with Medicare's preventive services. It can demonstrate its effectiveness in preventing dental problems and reducing healthcare costs. However, it would need to be approved by Medicare and meet their guidelines for coverage.

ToothLens can benefit Medicaid by enhancing dental care accessibility and promoting preventive care. It aids in early detection, reducing the need for costly procedures and minimizing out-of-pocket expenses for members. By seamlessly integrating with existing dental networks, ToothLens ensures a smooth experience for both providers and policyholders. Its proactive risk management approach detects dental issues early, potentially reducing the severity of cases and overall claims. ToothLens' AI technology offers comprehensive insights, improving patient engagement and promoting cost-effective, patient-centric care within Medicaid.