How it Started

The ToothLens Story

about us

ToothLens was born to make dental care more accessible. Inspired by the use of AI and computer vision in cutting-edge autonomous vehicles, we set out to explore how similar technologies could be applied to dentistry.

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Our Mission

ToothLens is on a mission to enhance dental healthcare accessibility and operational efficiency. Shockingly, 25% of the US population has untreated dental issues, exacerbated by a shortage of dental professionals, leading to delayed care and poor patient retention. We believe that patient retention improves when individuals feel cared for and have access to remote dental care. Our AI-powered dental software is dedicated to boosting patient marketing and retention, efficiently determining which patients require immediate in-person attention. Our unwavering commitment is to make dental healthcare accessible to all.

Leadership Team

Dr.Manoj Rajan
Co-Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur and Prosthodontist with experience in building products and services for the dental market with 20+ years of experience in the dental industry.

Aditya Andra
Co-Founder and CTO

An IIT Dhanbad, and IIM-A (AGMP) alumnus with 9+ years of experience in building end to end data science and ML solutions in the areas of business finance, financial markets, and NLP.

Deep Mehta
Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer

An AI-Expert with a Master’s Degree from one of the top German university. Several years of industrial experience with passion for innovation and commitment to delivering top-notch customer services.

Julian Lago
Chief Commercial Officer

An accomplished entrepeneur and Health Care Veteran with 30 + years of industry knowledge. Proven experience in scaling organizations from startup to successful exits.